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" ...Do not ask your child to strive for extraordinary lives, such striving might feel admirable- but it’s the way of foolishness. Help them instead to find wonder and marvel at an ordinary life- show them the joy of tasting tomatoes, pears + them how to cry when pets + people them the infinite pleasure in the touch of a hand.. and make the ordinary come alive for them. The extraordinary will take care of itself." (Original quote by William Martin).

Cover illustration by artist kodystewartillustration featured on our Instagram

Why We Started Art Picks 4 Kids

Art Picks 4 Kids were founded by a group of friends, some are parents with young kids. As parents, it is natural for us to see the power of creativity and art in kids' development and childhood experience. Some of us used to work in tech companies around the globe. Then the spark came - we wondered how technology could help connect art to the growing up of our kids and their curious worlds.

But where can we find great art for kids, ones that not only look intriguing and beautiful, but also meaningful and nurturing? Today, on leading art marketplaces, it is not easy to sift through thousands of artworks in search of kid-friendly art. Most places serve a mixed audience, from pop-culture hunters, Star Wars fans, to dark humor enthusiasts. Our journey was inspired not by dramatic ambitions, but by the everyday experience of parents who care deeply about the upbringing of our children, and who just want an easy, convenient way to create an artful, inspiring, fun, and educational home environment for our kids.

Inspiration: A Special Art Gallery for Kids

Illustration: Autumn Rain in "Dancing and Dreaming" Collection, by our artist Zorana Zivic

Existing art marketplaces show us the wonder of the collective diversity of artists and their creations. After all, art is all about celebrating individual creativity and expression. Each person brings a different, unique perspective and experience of the world through their senses. The eclectic collection of artworks from various artists produces a fascinating showcase of creativity.

So what about art for kids? What would a gallery with the best picks for kids only look like? We imagine a space filled with things that will spark interests in kids,  with concepts, objects, visuals that kids can easily connect with. Such a vision fills us with excitement, but also lead us to other questions such as: 

How can this art gallery for kids help nurture their creativity, personality and their childhood experience?

Can art help kids be kinder or more generous? How can art empower kids to be more curious and courageous, and to boldly go and explore the world around them?

How can art help kids appreciate the joy of simple things in life like the color of the sky, the smell of breakfast, or the joy of sunny days? 

How can art foster in kids a more natural connection to the tangible world, indoor or outdoor?

How can art also help parents and kids take control of the rapidly-evolving digital world?

How can we bring together artworks that will create beautiful memories for kids as they grow up?

These are the questions that we will continue to grapple with along our journey, and we will take into our heart with every artwork selection on our website.

What We Value at Art Picks 4 Kids

Illustration Girl and Great Dane by artist Tania de Regil 

As parents living in a connected world, all of us at Art Picks 4 Kids share a set of values inspired and influenced by many like-minded parents from our community. It is reflected on the work we do and the artworks we celebrate at Art Picks 4 Kids. Our community-driven values can be summarised quite simply:

The most important thing in life is to be happy and be kind. We believe kindness will go a long way in making happier kids and adults. It starts with small things, such as sharing things with friends, be kind and loving to pets, or forging warm relationships with people around you.

Enjoy the play time. We believe play will be one of the most significant venues for kids to find creativity, imagination, and self exploration.

Art as a way for individual expressions. Every kid has a different personality and a unique way to express themselves: be it a curious, funny or serious little "grown-up". We love that through art, kids can find something personalized to their  idiosyncrasy and be happy about who they are.

The joy of living intentionally. This is the belief that every simple and pretty moment or thing in life should always be appreciated. Quite easy, so often overlooked. 

Buy responsibly. Commercially, we commit to promoting products that are not mass-produced and have great quality, stuffs that you love and want to be with you for a long time. In the near future, we may encourage our members to swap rather than buy. We commit to working only with providers of ethically-sourced products. 

Support independent and passionate artists. Whatever we do, our pledge is to help our passionate independent artists whenever we can, even when it does not involve our commercial objectives. For us, it is amazing to see the passion of our community of artists to produce lovely things for kids, and to be able to help them in their creative pursuits.

Cover: Happy two-year-old Kara in her play time in the creative city of Melbourne.

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