Artist Spotlight - Pia Kolle


This month we introduce an artist from Germany, Pia Kolle. Pia creates colorful, comical, and cheerful drawings of animals and everyday objects, just the way our little ones view the world around them. Did you know, both Pia and her husband are artists? They’re such a happy artistic family. Please enjoy this lightly edited artist spotlight from Pia’s own words. Thank you Pia for given us a glimpse into your beautiful life and journey.

Hi, I'm Pia.

I’m an illustrator and graphic designer, and mother of two girls. I live with my family in Cologne, Germany. In addition to being a graphic designer in a small design agency, I work as an illustrator and create pictures, fabric designs and gifts for children.

My artistic family

I can not remember when I started my art journey. I've always drawn, and after my high school graduation, it was clear I was going to do something creative. I then studied graphic design and met my husband Felix there. We have drawn a lot together. On vacation, for example, we like sketching together. Now even our children are taking part. We create painting competitions and vote for the most beautiful piece, and the winner will invite everyone to ice cream :-).

My two girls both love drawing and crafting. We all like to be at home and work on our creative ideas. Last year we transformed our living room into a printing workplace. The kids learned very quickly the technique of linocut printing and created wonderful pictures in multiple colors. We have decorated a whole wall in our apartment.

I think my younger sister is the inspiration for my art creation. I was 15 years old when she was born. My brother and I created our first children story for her. My brother wrote the narrative and I drew the illustrations. I have always loved picture books for children and I have often read to my sister, as I do with my children now.

My family is the biggest fan of my artwork. And especially my mother, who likes to buy products with my illustrations and give them away to friends. My favorite creation is the paper-cut chameleons. I made a fabric pattern with it. It is not a typical child motif. Maybe I'll use it to make a bag for myself.

Why the lovely little monsters in my artworks?

I created the little monsters for my daughter's birthday party. We made a monster decoration for the birthday table and the birthday cake. Then we prepared a scavenger hunt, in which various tasks should be solved by the kids. Each child became a little monster with a special ability and together they hunted the treasure. Since then, the little monsters appear again and again in my pictures. And of course there are also party decorations with my monster design.

My bright cheerful style for girls and boys alike

The most important thing for me are bright colors. My artworks are very colorful, friendly and sometimes funny. I like to draw animals and little monsters. And I like to combine the characters with typography, they often get a speech bubble and may say something nice :-)

When I create arts, it is important to me that my work are always for both girls and boys. I do not like children to be pigeonholed because of their gender. I’d love for them to come up with their own ideas through my work and then they would like to try it out the same way. My children have already painted countless little monsters.

More to come from me

I am currently designing patterns for fabrics and trying out different techniques. I started with sketches in the kawaii style - fruits and sweets with cute little faces. Now I cut out motifs from paper and arrange them into colorful designs. I find it totally fascinating to create seamless patterns and have a lot of ideas in my head.

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